After COVID 19, we all know people have gone isolated. People are not having companions to express their feelings or thoughts. And we can already see the result. All over the world in different regions, the rate of anxiety & depression has increased a lot in just 1 year. If we tally different research papers, we can see that younger adults are more likely to report symptoms like anxiety or depressive disorder during pandemic. This problem inspired me to come with this solution.

What it does

Hearty Buddy is a trained chat bot on Google Cloud that listens to your every types of feelings and experiences from any situations. Then responds accordingly. Either you're sad, happy, excited, angry or depressed, it encourages you to overcome isssues & cheers you up.

How we built it

Website is built on HTML & CSS. Backend part of chatbot is built on Google Cloud Platform and trained using Dialogflow intents & extents and then added to the website.

Challenges we ran into

Training with so many extents and intents was tough. Because I did this for first time. But learnt from this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got familiar with Google Cloud Platform & Dialogflow features

What's next for Hearty Buddy

I'll now add this Hearty Buddy chat bot to Google Assistant. Because many people use Google Assistant nowadays. So it'll be helpful to reach people and introduce Hearty Buddy to them to support them mentally as this bot is trained with so many intents that it can respond to most of the responses from people. Also if needed I'll train with more intents.

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