How we could stop people treating themselves at home without knowing for sure what they have? Ho we could monitor health of a person who suffered a surgery and is recovering at home ? How we could prevent some medical problems? How we can use that data to help others? These questions made us to think about this application.

What it does

Heartwave is an platform with the main scope to let every single hospital manage and keep track of patients health in real-time or browsing into old records of patients vital signs data. This application monitors different parameters of patients remotely and simultaneously. For example, monitoring the heart rate, ECG & body temperature of the patient continuously, doctor can obtain the results in real-time so that immediately the doctor can attend the patient for the further treatment if necessary or if he needs to visit quickly a doctor. Another big aspect of the application is that doctors can see on the map where a patient is and with a simple click he can view health parameters for that patient. If there is an alert from someone who is in danger and need help, everything that the user is working on the platform will be stopped by a sound and a map will show with pointer on the current location of the patient in danger, emergency will be alerted immediately also the family of the patient.

How I built it

We've been thinking about the complexity of this application so we built it on PHP (any version over 5.6) using Symfony Framework for backend and in front-end we are using Angular.js v1.6, CSS, HTML and Javascript. As a database we're using MySQL. For the patient part , we have a Node.js server running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, which reads data from the sensors , and send them to the web application using API .

Challenges I ran into

We have had to think about two big project parts: web application and how we can collect that data and how we can transmit it. Because we do not have , for now, sensors to read body temperature, arterial tension, breathing function, heart rate or pulse, we are using some public data sets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Because our team was built here, and because every team member works and tries to do the best from this idea, we can say that this is a big accomplishment and a way to motivate us to develop this application more that a weekend project, more that a fun weekend, because is something that could help us in the future, it is for the future.

What I learned

We learned that we must create tasks for each team member in that way that at the end of the hackathon we'll need to have something functional, something that could be a start for the future relation between doctor-patient.

What's next for Heartwave

Heartwave can be scaled to a very big level. Imagine to have hospitals around the city connected together on on application, making change of patient data ( not personal data, just medical data , like what parameters could change before a person suffers an heart attack ). This could make us be, one step at a time , very close to prevent it before it can happen, because on Heartwave you have real-time data so this could alert the patient in danger before it could happen. Also , we didn't thought just about preventing and monitoring. We thought about society, how we could stop the cause that make Heartwave to prevent some danger, how we cand find the source and try to remove it. Of course, that there will appear another causes but, as we said, one step at a time. For example, imagine that at hospital X appears person Y with somach aches, because he eat at some restaurant and he doesn't remember the name of it. In the same day, at other one or two hospitals appear other persons with the same symptoms. With Heartwave, interconnecting hospitals , very quickly doctors cand search that if that case is present at other hospital, and interviewing those sick people where they eat, the range of causes can be minimized and maybe they made to find that restaurant with bad food. We think about people, about making an big change. Imagine connecting together hospitals around the country, around the world and helping each other.

Learn today to prevent tomorrow.

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