Sometimes, when we help out the homeless man across the street, we fail to engage them at a deeper level. Be it our personalities, our busy lives, our predilection for online over face to face interaction, we fail to understand the hardship of homeless people.

We give them money, food or clothing. But such satisfaction is often short-lived. What heartships hope to do is to provide a conduit for givers to follow the people they care about; they can contact them for job opportunities or simply chat with them whenever they are in the neighborhood. When temperatures fall dangerously low, they may call a Uber or provide a lift to the nearest shelter.

We want to put the humanity back in giving. Come board the heartship with us.


We use Plaid's Auth and Connect endpoints to provide a frictionless banking authentication process. No worries about wrong branch codes or overdrafts.

In particular, we use Capital One's Nessie to transfer funds from existing Capital One users to heartship's corporate account.

The EveryBlock API was used to get the locations of homeless people in the neighborhood. Most have a spot where they frequent and in case of extreme weather, help can be provided faster. In order to not pollute the data set of EveryBlock, existing event locations were used since there is no sandbox for development.

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