Growing up, me and almost everyone else can point to some experience where they were around someone who suffered from depression or suicidal thoughts, at the very least we have all had those talks by counselors to keep aware of our peers. I wanted to create a tool because I know that a large percentage of those who commit suicide ,usually let out a cry for help before they commit the act.

What it does

A concerned person can monitor tweets by location (say emergency services personnel) or if a person wants to monitor a specific person (like a therapist for his/her patient) then the app will continuously monitor twitter for any concerns. The app will then display the tweet on the website or if you can use the feature to email an alert.

How I built it

The application uses natural language processing and twitter API as well as microsoft cognitive services to detect social media accounts who post anything that sounds like they might hurt themselves

Challenges I ran into

The twitter API was initially a little unintuitive and I had to figure out how to send email alerts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app can make an impact and save lives!

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