Project for Superposition II

Initially we wanted to design a light up bracelet where the user could change the colors with a button, indicating his/her different moods. We switched the design to a patch on the sleeve, encompassing the saying "wear your heart on your sleeve."

Our ideal design uses an Adafruit flora board, powered by a small battery, to light up the attached neopixels to the color of the user's likings. The circuit would be stitched into the sleeve of a shirt (or as a prototype, a cloth bracelet). The user could switch the color of the neopixels with a button, signifying a change of mood for others to heed.

Red = anger/please don't talk to me Yellow = I feel like I'm in danger Green = happy/come talk to me Blue = sad/I need some comfort Purple = stressed/give me some encouragement please

We built the circuits with wires and alligator clips at first, testing to see if our code actually did what we wanted it to do. Though we successfully created our circuit to light up and change the pixel colors manually with a button, we weren't able to transfer the design onto a t-shirt sleeve.

After several attempts of sewing the neopixels into a shirt sleeve with conductive thread, running the program, and almost starting fires from bad circuitry, we decided to make a website using html and css to further explain our idea.

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