Inspiration 💕

Inspiration: Our team was inspired to make this project because we collectively agreed that it is hard for people to get out of their comfort zone in the talking stage. We wanted to counter this by creating a web application that allows two people to create a chatroom, an option to schedule a date and play various games like Wordle.

What it does 🥳


  • The features that we included within the app are a chatroom for new people to meet one another and possibly to get to know each other in a romantic way.

  • We also added a feature where each user can schedule a date, and the web app will automatically remind them through their phone number in Twilio.

  • The final feature we added to the web app was fun games that both users can play like tic-tac-toe and wordle, which are themed as valentines day.

How we built it ☺️

  • The Web-App is built on React.js with Flask working on the backend.
  • We built backends using flask and firebase functions

Challenges we ran into 🤯

Challenges:We faced many challenges during the making of this project.

  • The biggest one is building the chat section for the app. Integrating connection with the server, therefore, we spent most of our time learning and editing it

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🥺


  • Our accomplishment was that we managed to add a chatroom as well as a gaming section which is something most of us have yet to do in a hackathon. Not to mention it was also our first time attempting a love-themed web application and we were super happy about our results overall.

What we learned 🥰

Learning Experience:

  • Ultimately, we learned how to use the functions in a much more productive way in as well as firebase.
  • Some of us also learned how to use react.js syntax in a much deeper pathway.

What's next for Heartly Heaven ❤️

  • Add complete the chat application with a complete socket io connection.
  • Improve UI styling and design.

  • On top of that, we are planning to add more games as well as a calendar which is pink and red themed for dates. After we accomplish those goals our next goal would be to make Heartly Heaven a public dating app that people can use on their phones.

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