Our team lead has been a business mentor for many companies, practising design thinking among other tools. He's seen the contrast of how horribly ineffective, time-consuming, energy-wasting a meeting can be and how inspiring productive and creative it can be. We've also created a social game/workshop for companies that has shown us how gamification can totally alter the engagement of people.

The problem we're solving

Because of Covid pandemic, people are forced to do all co-working online - as online meetings. People sit all day at endless meetings. The problem is, the meetings were horrible even before the pandemic. When they were physical. Study made by Doodle in 2018 said that 74% of professionals believe meetings waste their time. Poorly organised meetings cost 400B for the US ALONE. And this number was before the pandemic. Now it's a Trillion dollar problem. People feel frustrated and unmotivated. They feel their talents are wasted. This kind of meetings waste the time, energy and creative potential of people, companies they work for and ultimately the whole world.


Our platform helps companies who don't have access to world-class facilitators to enhance their meeting culture. It combines principles and elements from design thinking workshops, gamification and mindfulness into a tool, that helps anyone upgrade their meetings into engaging and effective workshops.

For that, we offer an intuitive meeting planner and a meeting dashboard tool that runs in every participant’s computer and is controlled by the facilitator. It helps everyone keep track of the agenda and what is the current focus of the workshop.

  • Facilitator gets incentivised and directed to plan the meeting more thoroughly.
  • Through the dashboard app participants constantly see where they are at with the meeting and feel the progress.
  • In addition, we use gamification elements like sensing progress, challenges and achievements to further increase engagement.

Tech stack

We build the solution using no-code-programming platform Bubble. This allows us to develop much faster than with regular languages and frameworks. When increasing our development team, we have a lot more candidates, since Bubble is easy to learn and adapt to. This will keep our running costs substantially lower.

What we had before the hackathon

We had a working prototype. We got into the finals of GlobalHack in Work track. We had two big startups waiting to start using our product (one has close to 1B funding, other has close to 100M)

What we accomplished with the hackathon

We now have a one-pager: that has a waiting list of 200 professionals across the globe. We have finished and released the first beta version of the platform to the waiting list We have substantially improved the rest of the prototype and will roll out all it's features publicly next week. We validated our value proposition with mentors and target customers. We finalised our business model and go-to-market strategy which we improved with over ten mentors.

Business model

We have created a lean canvas to explain our business model better:

Based on our experience running physical workshops, we are able to prove substantial savings for companies with this method and therefore justify the upper-tier pricing model. We will offer different subscriptions based on amount of facilitators wanting to use the solution.

As a potential additional revenue stream - selling video format full workshops made by field experts.

Some examples of our expertise in workshops:

Our team lead spoke and ran a mini-workshop for 100 people at the biggest HR conference in Estonia. Organizer: "At the 2019 PARE Conference Vaiko was able to touch the souls of about 100 people in a short space of time, make the majority of participants sweep tears from the corner of their eyes and experience the power of empathy within us and the true meaning of WHY. Vaiko is a powerful performer, creating emotional contact with the audience and reaching out to everyone."

Team lead ran two consecutive high-intensity workshops at World Cleanup Day conference, both for 50 people: Organizer: "Vaiko handles excellently group of 5 and group of 50, he understands on the fly what is the group overall emotion and how to get them to the same page. His ability to keep the focus was impressive. The topic - how to visualize mismanaged waste - was challenging. He is clearly an expert at his craft."

What's next for HeartLedWork

  • Release the first monetized version.
  • Continue our research about needed behavioural change triggers.
  • Run the marketing campaign we developed during the hackathon to acquire beta users who we could further learn from.
  • Boost the positive effect even more with gamification and design thinking elements and mechanics.
  • Increase the size of the development team.

Value after the crisis

Even though the solution is currently developed keeping the situation with the pandemics in mind, the problem existed already before. So our solution will be usable and necessary after the crisis is over.

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