"More than 5 Million people in USA alone suffer from some kind of Heart Disease". This fact inspired us to create something using current technology inorder to assist these people regaining a health Heart life. The number just gives a fact of people suffering, but there is also a fact that "1 in 4 deaths is due to heart diseases in USA" . The numbers are shocking but true.

What it does

Having the technology of fitness trackers in your watch(iWatch), high connectivity now-a-days to dear ones and medical assistance, we tried to integrate all together to bring a new heart-disease detection tool, notifying to dear-ones in case of emergency automatically and creating a unique fitness schedule as well as tracker to make you live a healthy heart life.

How we built it

We tried a new way of integrating Hybrid IONIC app(in javascript) with iWatch to control and receive fitness data from watch, monitor user's Heart lifestyle.

Challenges we ran into

Hybrid app that too with iWatch - in itself is a new thing to try. Integration with iWatch controlling it using plugins available(not so reliable yet) and then later on tweaking those plugins to suite our needs, a big task to accomplish.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully integrated a Hybrid App with iWatch. Calculated a formula using pulse rate, daily workout, rest and normal acitivity of user in detecting heart health and thus suggesting fitness schedule to improve heart health.

What we learned

Health related facts - issues faced by current unhealthy population. iWatch capabilities, features available through API. HealthKit API of iWatch. Writing plugins for integration of javascript and IOS.

What's next for Heartistic

Move ahead to add functionalities related to tracking more health information of the user. Play an important part in improving day-to-day health activities of user by suggesting as well as tracking activities through pulse rate, step count, workout and rest lifecycles.

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