What it does

Users can record themselves playing or upload videos of Hearthstone gameplay. The application will take screenshots at a set interval through the Tokbox API. The screenshots are cropped and sent to the Clarifai API for matching against a custom Hearthstone dataset to determine the cards being used.

How I built it

HTML and Javascript front end was built using Tokbox API for video recording and screen sharing. Java back end used Clarifai API to match the images to Hearthstone cards. We link to the Clarifai API to create a custom training model. Java app is hosted on Heroku with Radix domain.

Challenges I ran into

Seeding the custom dataset we hit the Clarifai limits on API calls. Some cards are difficult to match as they look similar to others. Ran out of time to host the application on AWS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got image cropping and matching to correctly identify cards. Functional front end application for video recording and automatic screenshots.

What I learned

How to use the Clarifai and Tokbox APIs.

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