Wanted to create a cool way of integrating social networking and maps.

What it does

Hearth is a map-based app that collects geolocation data and displays hotspots. It also allows users to drop pins for routing.

How we built it

We used Swift on Xcode , implementing MapKit and Chameleon APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Navigation– getting pins to function properly APIs were initially cluttered and difficult to get a grasp on Code got a little messy because we were using Core Data Hotspot Algorithms were difficult to create Rendering the hotspots on MapKit was also tough

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working version of Hearth We were able to get past a few major roadblocks in the main purpose and functionality of our application.

What we learned

Cocoapods Coredata MapKit

What's next for Hearth

SOCIAL HOTSPOT MAPPING - imagine Facebook and Instagram meeting Waze Can see a culmination of all users' locations– good for meeting new people at places that are "lit" Entertainment: movies, sports, games, etc.

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