Our inspiration stems from the current natural crisis that are happening in Australia. The ongoing wildfires have taken the lives of over 28 people and in the state of New South Wales alone, more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. Due to the widespread fires, there are ongoing evacuations across the country and a growing number of missing people. Humanitarian organizations like Redcross are actively providing shelter and relief supplies to those affected, including creating logs of victims at their evacuation centres. However, the more victims affected, the growing number of worried loved ones grow abroad. Currently, there is a significant lag on the communication between victims and their loved ones. Due to damages, there is a lack of internet and phone services for victims to use to contact and let their loved ones know they’re safe. Our team wants to create an efficient and direct communication channel that lets users know immediate information about their loved ones, wherever, whenever.

What it does

HeartCross is a website that allows concerned users to get direct information about their loved ones, without the need of their loved ones directly updating their status. It provides family and friends a peace of mind and allows for information to be relayed at a much faster rate.

How we built it

The technologies we used were HTML/CSS, Bootstrap for front end user experience. We created landing page, and 2 other pages to link to depending on the victim’s status. Using JavaScript and mongoDB, we were able to look through the database to determine the health condition of the affected victim. Finally, we created a domain using and using google cloud platform for host our service.

Challenges we ran into

During the process of linking the given technologies together. It was a very long and tedious process. Countless hours were spent on setting up the domain name and admin validation. Using google cloud as a hosting server and to purchase the domain, it takes a long time for the nameservers and DNS records to be configured.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created this website that enables the affected family members to track down their loved ones safety status as well as providing the rescue team with the details of the missing people. Live and reliable data at all times for families and rescue team to take actions

What we learned

One of the biggest things we learned over the course of the hackathon was how to prioritize tasks. We initially spent too much time worrying about the aesthetics of the website instead of the functionality. This lead to us having less time to work on the main concept, which was informing families about their family members.

What's next for HeartCross

The next step for HeartCross is to convey our ideas to the RedCross organization. The goal is to enhance the data information system and validate this feature immediately to enable the affected families to gain access to their family members’ safety status.

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