About 75% of the US population do not consume the recommended intake of fruit, and more than 80% do not consume the recommended intake of vegetables. Many Americans have an energy-rich, but nutrient-poor diet! A US national survey from 2007-2010, surveyed more than 16,000 individuals, and reported that 94.3% of the US population do not meet the daily requirement for vitamin D, 88.5% for vitamin E, 52.2% for magnesium, 44.1% for calcium, 43.0% for vitamin A, and 38.9% for vitamin C. Our solution is to develop an app that can tell users any vitamin deficiencies they have for the day.

What it does

Therefore, we developed Heartbeet. It’s an Android app for users to log all of their daily meals and snacks. Then, they’ll be able to calculate their nutritional values and see where they can improve on their diet, including viewing recommended foods to meet their goals.

How we built it

We first designed the wireframe and proto-typed our app using Figma. Then we developed our app using Android Studio to write our code and layouts in Java. To access different types of foods and their nutritional data, we used an API from USDA, which we integrated to get the micronutrient data for each food the user enters. We used Postman to test the API and to read the JSON object in order to parse the information we want. Finally, we used Firebase as our backend for user authentication and user information to store their data.

Challenges we ran into

We are a team of only two women with few experience with Android Studio. It was hard to implement all of the design for the logo, wireframes, front-end, back-end, and database and API integration into our app. For the technical part, we had problems using the USDA API and how to integrate it with Android Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our Android application is ready for production!

What we learned

  1. How to use Java in Android Studio.
  2. How to call an API and read its JSON object to parse.
  3. How to design a cute logo in Figma (looks matter).
  4. Layout in .xml files in Android.
  5. Firebase integration to Android Studio app.

What's next for Heartbeet

We plan to implement a recommendation system for users to easily view how they can meet their daily requirements, and a discussion board with a picture taking feature for users to interact with each other to share recipes!

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