Our project is based on the theme of the hackathon "Music and Art". Born and bought up in a developing and socially conservative country like India, we have faced mental health issues from time to time without means and resources to redeem ourselves. We realize how critical it is to address our stress problems, talk about them and seek help, if necessary at the right time. The Internet can truly be a game-changer in the propagation of effective mental health awareness and interventions. Music can inspire and entertain, but it also has powerful psychological effects that can improve our health and well-being. Instead of thinking of music as pure entertainment, we have considered some of the major mental benefits of incorporating music into our everyday life. Our web application Heartbeats aspires to be a safe place for anyone seeking to relax and recharge their mental health after a long day of work and exhaustion through melody. You might find that you feel more motivated, happy, and relaxed as a result and even can help it's user by alerting their relatives.

What it does

It provides relief to the tired mind and soul through music and a variety of proven meditative reliefs and stress busting techniques to anybody who is stressed out or feeling negative about something. There is also a friendly bot to answer your questions and we have a special feature in which if someone is disturbed mentally and wants to perform any wrong acts or grows suicidal in the chat, we would send a sms notification on the relative phone number provided during sign up process. This way we can save precious lives.

How we built it

We utilized various technologies ranging from animation tools, web development tools, scripting languages and multiple APIs to build ‘Heartbeats’. 1) Front end languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, Bootstrap 2) Backend: Php, mySql 3) Spotify API: To fetch and manage the relevant catalogs about artists, tracks and playlists 4) Javascript/ jquery: To create a conversational, friendly echo chatbot which engages in a friendly conversation with the user helping him/her/them talk about their emotions and guiding them towards a calming experience by suggesting relevant songs, playlists, meditation or breathing exercises and even detecting suicidal tendency of the user. 5) Twilio API : To send sms to the user's relative whenever there is use of suicidal word detection in the chat.

Challenges we ran into

We were definitely racing against time, to make up for the lack of prior experience but it was really a lot of fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In fact, this was our first time ever working with APIs and it was quite a task linking Spotify and Twilio API and getting rid of the glitches that arose due to both working together. Plus, putting the efforts to complete it in given time. This time we have focused on the overall aesthetic UI and look and feel of the website.

What we learned

Hackathons are both hectic but fun also. On a technical angle, we came across multiple bugs, with some of them being mere hiccups and some, major setbacks but we did learn to persist

What's next for Heartbeats

Online support groups and discussion rooms for therapy can be created. Making a listening room for people who are listening in live, and song bots like are popular in Discord servers. AR/VR meditation workshops for our users.

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