Our team is an interdisciplinary team of dedicated freshmen from both Purdue University and the University of Illinois.

We are computer scientists and engineers who are actively seeking to better ourselves in problem-solving and logical coding.


Our group came together this weekend to create a program that would assist users in optimizing their workout experiences, based on beats/minute and their individual preferences.

We built a front-end primarily in HTML5, and an authorization field via OAuth (Spotipy). Server-side we used two APIs, Google Fit and Spotify, to pull from a pool of big data to create our own database using MongoDB. MongoDB was essential to our program, and gave us future potential to serve individual clients based on their own needs and requests.


This program is a great stepping-stone to continue forward in enhancing our knowledge of software development, primarily server-side coding and using databases like MongoDB. Our team had many ideas, not all of which worked, and not all of which were completed in their entirety- however, this program does show a very cohesive and comprehensive prototype for our application, heartbeats.

@authors Ema Milojkovic, Nathan Narasimhan, Naveed Riaziat, Chiranth Kishore

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