Let me ask you something. How well do you really know yourself?

Chances are, you think you know yourself pretty well. You can feel when you've had a bad day and you know deep down what a perfect day feels like.

But study after study have shown that you might not know yourself as well as you think. Study after study show that people have a hard time accurately analyzing their own emotions. People simply don't recognize long-term patterns, and they certainly don't manage them appropriately. Even more importantly, think about some recent tragedies, on the news and in your life. Often, there were signs of instability and anger on social media long before they bubbled forth in real life. Often, people just want to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be comforted.

Our goal is to provide this.

Our goal is to provide a beautiful, simple interface that uses the power of Indico, machine learning, and sentiment analysis to analyze your online world. It lets you see at a glance what your recent post history has been like, through our always-on LED display which beautifully visualizes your recent mood. It provides an objective view into your psyche, an honest view of how your days are really going.

And when we notice your days becoming longer and longer, when you have larger streaks of red in our visualizer, when things seem to be getting tougher and your posts feel more negative -- we notice. We reach out to your friends and ask them to lend a hand. The ones who are most apathetic or scared-- the ones who don't ask for it, who don't want to admit it, are provided a healthy support network. So that the people who most need help, get it.

Are you someone who stuffs your feelings? Do you simply try to tough it out? Heartbeat lets you see your world more honestly.

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