"A little color in our life." This concept was the beginning of creating this skill. There are many things when human beings are alive. Do you want someone to do things like these? "I want someone to yell me." "I want someone to comfort me." "I want someone to laugh." However, there are few people nearby who can give you the words you want. So I came up with the idea that working with Alexa could provide a similar experience.

There are research results that humans recognize utterances such as Alexa and Siri as "words that people utter". Using this principle, Alexa tells a short episode. We have succeeded in creating an "emotional change experience" with "immediate effect" by providing the user with an experience as if a human being is speaking. Also, create a world view of the character who tells the episode. Exchanged episodes with other users to create interaction.

Experience that the user deepens the relationship with the character through this Alexa skill, We have also succeeded in creating experiences that touch the lives of others.

What it does

Usage is very easy. Just select one of the four emotional changes, "Fun", "Friendly", "Motivate", and "Impress".

Then, a cute official character will tell the user the episode that was there.

Official characters deliver emotional changes to various people every day. The upper limit that users can play is "up to 3 times a day" to avoid overwork. With this increase in the number of hears, a lot of contents that deepen the relationship with the character are also prepared.

If users want to hear this emotion change more than three times a day, they can experience the emotion change even more by purchasing "tickets" within their skills.

In addition to the emotional changes that are officially provided, we also have content called "Creators". Content that allows you to listen to episodes of other contributors that have passed the management review is available. In order to add "Creators", users must register for "Premium Membership".

How we built it

Created using Python, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB. Since it is important for this skill that there is a lot of utterance content, we created utterance content so that it can be registered to Amazon DynamoDB from hosting a static website on Amazon S3.

Challenges we ran into

I had a hard time creating a system that users wanted to buy. Just simply changing emotions does not make it possible for users to "continue to use" or become fans.

Then we came up with a great idea.  It was to create a concept of the world and interact with others. We designed users to be attached to the official character of the skill by creating an official character and adding content that can deepen the relationship with the character. Created an official character and added content to deepen the relationship with that character. Designed to allow users to attach to the official character of the skill. Also, by playing Creator's episodes, users can get more unique episodes and emotional change experiences.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a concept of the world that felt as if the official character of the skill had a will. In addition, we were able to prepare additional content that deepened the relationship by asking questions about the character and repeating the activation. This skill will work in a way that is more or less supported by the user's life.

What we learned

I learned the joy of reflecting on my skills the perspective of how I want to purchase.

What's next for Heart yell

We want to create a skill that will be part of our life. The new interface called “Voice User Interface” is the most suitable for that.

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