We wanted to pelt our cat with hearts

What it does

Tapping on a plane creates a heart which you can scale or reposition by pinching or dragging. Drag to the destination and hold record to start the animation. Send a heart from yourself or from a friend to another

How I built it

Used SparkAR plane tracking to set an origin and gesture control to adjust scale/position and set destination. Animated the heart using Autodesk Maya as well as the sparkAR animation controller

Challenges I ran into

Instruction manager appeared to only use predefined tokens for instructions - inputting strings caused the app to break. Was not able to create loops with the patch editor which caused us to remodel the implementation. Documentation was out of date or recommended deprecated functionality. Interaction between script and patch editor was not as parallelized as we hoped. Debugging could have also been easier if debug statements weren't the only option.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works! and also translating 2D rotational gesture to 3D height adjustments.

What I learned

Reactive programming is streamlined and good to have but also very difficult to implement. Plane tracking is solely based on image processing and can be used for 2D images.

What's next for Heart Toss

Adding trail particle effects and adding an option for a 'rejection heart' that withers away once it lands.

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