Companies have innovated on employees happiness (, management effectiveness (, and much more. However, health insurance is still very badly managed: accountant wise, employees have to do all the work themselves and then submit the final invoice; efficiency wise, their health is only occasionally checked. We want to contribute to making the best work environment and culture for all of us workaholics :)

What it does

  1. Detect employees heart rate (for now), by a PPG sensor connected to an arduino
  2. Data is connected and analyzed in Mathlab (later integration of Tensorflow for ML process)
  3. Data is verified in the blockchain we coded on Node.js
  4. IBM Watson IoT API understands the condition and in case of unhealthy heart rate, sends an email to a third party with the information.
  5. Each email sent is a "data" block on the blockchain and will be traded for cryptocurrency in future development

How we built it

  1. Coded a simple manual blockchain on Node.js
  2. Analyzed the Data got from the PPG in Mathlab
  3. Created a condition for healthy or unhealthy heart rates
  4. That condition is taught to the IBM Watson IoT API that tracks the PPG data, and in case of unhealthy heart rate, sends email to a specific person.
  5. Every email sent is a block in the blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Using the IBM APIs (started with Watson Discovery API, and then switched to IoT)
  2. Analyzing the PPG data and converting it to a bpm integer value.
  3. Coding the blockchain!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functional blockchain that sends email instantly once the conditions apply!! Arduino also working and giving us our heart rate!!

What we learned

Watson API, Mathlab, Arduino, graph analysis, blockchain concept.

What's next for Heart of Gold

Add more data to our conditions and therefore the analysis becomes much more trustable and useful. Connect multiple sensors to tack further data. Integrate a coinbase API to create transactions between doctor and companies (Data -- Cryptocurrency)

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