In 2010, there are over 50 million students in the U.S. and OVER 741 MILLION STUDENTS globally. (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

No matter how many times you Skype, TWEET, Google Hangout or share YouTube videos, there is nothing like a personal, tangible letter directly from your own penpal. This creates personal international connection for a student to get to know their penpal through their eyes and lens about their country, school, cultural, arts, music, etc.

No form of technology-based communication can produce the excitement on a students' faces like the arrival of a personal and direct letter from your very own pen pal.

HEART-IT program is a quick, fun interaction with real-life lesson in Social Studies, Language Arts, Geography, Cultural Exchange, Music, Arts and much more with a penpal by sharing photos, making E-Collages, eCards and mail out real postcards.

Encourages students to write with meaning, to write with a sense of purpose and gain a friend.

Easily create projects that classes can share on an individual and class level through photos, emails, e-collages and postcards.

Learn about other cultures, practice communication/writing skills, learn foreign languages, start a stamp/coin collection or just make a friend from a far away place.

Increase awareness of societies and cultures from around the world through your very own Penpal that provide the opportunity to link classrooms from different local city, state, or country and see their world.

This is a great fun learning interaction exchange of sharing one’s culture and love of music, arts, and each other’s world.

Friendships make the world a lot Better with HEART-IT!

Send a personalized PostCard through the HEART-IT Mobile App.

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