Heart_Diseases_Predictor using flask and #MLOps tools. The tools and technologies used to created this project successful are mentioned below 👇🏻

In this project learning i have covered from basics to advance. The MLOps pipeline created from basics to advance so anyone can understand. 😍

🔵 Machine Learning ♥ 🔵 Flask (for creating webapp) 😁 🔵 Ansible (automated and configured kubernetes and jenkins) 🔥 🔵 Kubernetes (K8s Cluster created using crio) 😎 🔵 Docker (used for creating image) ❣ 🔵 Crio (Usedas a container runtime engine for kubernetes cluster) 😊 🔵 Jenkins (for ci/cd configuration of webapp using multibranch pipeline) 😍 🔵 Terraform (provisioned ec2-instances/vpc/security groups/Internet gateway/Routing tables) 💖

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