The inspiration behind this piece was showcasing the many networks that occur in our everyday lives, whether that be in technology or in our bodies. We wanted to display the way heart pulse effects all of us. We used lights to show the output and multiple colours to translate heart rate into the motion. They are arranged in perpendicular lines to mimic circuitry. The 3 different colours and rates of flicker depend on the data that is received. When there is no pulse, the dress emits a blue steady light, when the heart rate fluctuates between the normal 60 to 100 beats per minute, the light turns white and pulses, and lastly when the heart rate is over 100, the light emits a rapid flashing red.

What it does


Using a pulse sensor, we measure the wearer's heart rate in beats per minute and use the data to emit a varied spectrum of lights that shines throughout the dress?

How we built it


The hardware aspects of this project include an Arduino LilyPad and Neopixels. They are under several layers of fabric to avoid any bumps or harsh edges. We also created our own pattern and laid out where each of the 52 neopixels and the LilyPad would be on the final design. 3d-printed square chains form physical connections throughout the garment.

Challenges we ran into


We ran into a few problems in both the software and design aspect. We struggled with finding a silhouette that would complement the idea of connections and networks and also connection issues amongst the neopixels. Issues were eventually resolved and viola! the final product!

What's next for heart attack


We're hoping that sensors will start to be implemented in couture and gala wear to make visible the inner workings of the body. We hope that this dress, and futures, couldl be worn on red carpets as a statement piece.

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