Many people with disabilities have impaired vision. They have to heavily rely on audiobooks, or braille to go through the day. However, not everything can be easy detected. Thus, this project aids them in reading all kinds of text. The vision is that this technology will be implemented in glasses so that visually impaired people can easily walk outside or do any normal activity without having to worry about anything.

What it does

It reads texts, slides, signs via a webcam and through a speaker tells us what's written.

How we built it

We built an app using python libraries which enables us to read the text via a webcam, and the image to text converter, which can be found in the library, can output the image as text instantly!

Challenges we ran into

Using python turned out to be very challenging for both of us because we had 0% knowledge of this powerful language. It took us a lot of time to configure Kivy into our laptops, because it would cause random errors while downloading the libraries. We wasted around 4-5 hours resolving these errors. Other than that, it was super challenging for us when we started coding, because we knew nothing about python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to convert images to string and then do string to speech. This was a hard process as we didn't use any hardware.

What we learned

In general, we both learned a lot about Python Libraries and using Kivy. We also learned how to debug errors related to installing different libraries. We very well realized that each library is not accessible each very and therefore must be careful about using libraries and the python version before starting the project.

What's next for HearME!

HearME has great potential in this age. It has a very wide scope in the future as it can be used on a large number of devices such as glasses, phones, etc.

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