Inspiration - The Gift of Hearing

What it does - Analyzes the intensity of sound a person is exposed and predict hearing loss, possibly preventing tinnitus.

How we built it - We used a microphone to check the intensity of sound a person is exposed to throughout the day. Using the intensity plot, the user can view and analyse his exposure to sound on a daily basis and predictive analysis of the signal can inform if he is going to experience tinnitus and/or hearing loss in the near future.

Challenges we ran into - The system is quite simple as it uses a microphone to record the sound. The main challenge is to align the concept with actual results which is possible only with real medical data and experienced audiologists who can validate this. Another challenge is to integrate this data with mobile application via BLE and show the data chronologically and in real-time so that the user can understand the exposure by looking at a graphical representation.

What we learned - Learnt how we can utilise predictive analysis using machine learning to predict hearing loss. This was an idea which I never thought of and got to know by interacting with a new teammate acquainted at the hack-IoT.

What's next for Hearing FitBit - 1 - Predict hearing loss based on historical data by consulting audiologists. 2 - Integrate a speaker to offer temporary relief from tinnitus by providing a user interface where the user can select the frequency of sound which cancels out the tinnitus effect by tricking the brain. 3 - Alert the user if he is periodically exposed to high intensity sounds.

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