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Hearing loss is a tragedy that afflicts more than 360 million people internationally. I wanted to make a project that would help those with hearing loss regain their awareness for their surroundings.

Improving upon the concept of a hearing aid seemed like a natural choice. From my grandfather has described them, traditional hearing aids are expensive and uncomfortable. Moreover, an intelligent hearing aid could harness the power of the cloud and be more than a simple sound amplifier.

What I did

Hearing Aiduino is an IoT hearing aid using an Arduino 101, sound ampifier, microphone, an ESP8266, various components from the Grove Genuino/Arduino 101 starter kit, and Google's Cloud speech API. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was not able to complete the communication with Google's Cloud platform. This was due to China's ban on Google services (it was difficult trying to get a VPN on an ESP8266). The demo is mostly comprised of the other steps I implemented along the way.

The different components of the project can be found here.

Backend Google Cloud Speech API code (written in Node.js)


Arduino sketch:


Mobile App (connected to Arduino 101 via BLE):


Built With

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