It's annoying to keep radio on just listening for your callsign. That was the original purpose. Then I also noted there is no desktop repeater listing application that works with a map and offline. I built that as well and made a repeater listing that lets you favorite and get notified if anything changes - if your favorite repeater goes down, and someone comments "go to repeater X/Y/Z instead" for example.

What it does has a notifier I made for listening for callsign called on the radio, also a repeater listing that lets you see repeaters on map, and be notified of repeater changes in any emergency.

How I built it

Laravel web service. The hearham uploader is in Python,GTK+ and available for experimenting and improvement on Github.

Challenges I ran into

Clearly distinguishing speech call signs doesn't yet work great.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working Laravel. Working integrations.

What I learned

Laravel Openstreetmap library

What's next for Hearham.Live speech recognizer and repeater listing

More repeaters / more updates!?

Built With

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