COVID-19 has impacted the lives globally especially the ones with disabilities hence, we have thought of a tool focusing on helping auditory-impaired individuals by assisting them. In the current scenario, there are special schools for them, so we decided to develop a tool that will bridge the gap and will enable them to study anywhere, interact with anyone around the world and even translate into any language.

What it does

We built HearAssist 1.0 at BostonHacks, but we felt that it lacked the translation feature. Added Translation to this tool can act as a superpower for the users. It is even possible to view the transcriptions in mobile view for ease of access.

How we built it

API Used: AssemblyAI and Google Cloud Translate
Back-end: Flask, Replit
Front-end: HTML, CSS

Challenges we ran into

Translating the language was initially difficult but we found a solution using the Google Cloud Translate API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of adding translations and enhancing the experience of our users.

What we learned

We learned about google cloud translate API and making the transcriptions available in mobile view.

What's next for HearAssist 2.0

We're planning to launch it on ProductHunt this week!

Built With

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