The deaf and dumb live in a state of isolation in society. The reason for this is due to their inability to hear and speak. They have their own language that is difficult for people to understand, so they live in a world far from the real world. They have been subjected to injustice in many areas, whether in employment, education, health, and other fields. We want to make the world hear this category again and give them life like the rest.

What it does

Hear Us is a Mobile Application that is characterized by its ability to convert from the language of the deaf to the language of the normal person and vice versa, meaning that it works in both directions. In addition to that, it will not use any other external devices. The App will teach itself through artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, the more it is used, the more effective it will be.

As it will be used as an application for live video calls between deaf and other people, also it can be shared on social media.

In short, our App acts as a link between deaf people and society in the world. it converts signs deaf person into sound, and vice versa as audio into signs video animation.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult challenge we faced is how the application will recognize the signals through the phone's camera and how it will teach itself using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

What's next for HEAR US

Over time While the application is used, its effectiveness will increase and it will teach itself through artificial intelligence and machine learning, the data set will increase inside it and it will be able to recognize a huge amount of signs language quickly and efficiently, Our goal begin to expand and grow more and more until it spreads from Palestine to the Whole world and with time its very possible that the application will be able to create and standardize sign language on the world level.

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