During the pandemic, everyone needs to break out of the monotonous routine and try something new. Our app suggests users some new hair styles that they can try, because what better time to test new looks than during a lockdown.

What it does

The web app allows people to log in using Facebook and then determines the face shape of a person. Once the face shape is determined, it recommends one of the trendy fashionable hairstyles for the user to try to get them tinder matches 😉

How we built it

Our own frontend expert Willa Kong designed and built the angular app that lets people login using Facebook API. The Facebook profile picture is then used as the basis for our recommendation. Our app also provides the option for users to not login with Facebook and just upload a picture because unlike your ex, we care about your privacy. The backend API built by Yeshu Jain leverages the Azure cognitive sciences API (oof buzzwords) to get the face landmarks and classify the user's face shape. This face shape is then used to get the list of hairstyle recommendations from our cockroach DB designed by the Database guru Stephen Lin and the "prodigy" Azin Taqizadeh.

Challenges we ran into

Conception of an idea is a huge challenge at any hackathon. When started the hackathon, we were all pretty lost and didn't know what to work on. But after a couple hours of "civil debating", we all finally agreed on an idea. We all could resonate with the idea because who hasn't gone through a period of mental breakdown when they wanted to change their hairstyle to get their life together. Another great challenge we faced was our lack of knowledge with building APIs in flask. While all of us had prior experience in working with Node.JS and Express.JS to build APIs, our flask knowledge was limited. However, through our perseverance and effort, we were finally able to build the working API. All the challenges we faced, we were able to overcome through our teamwork, because teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all proud that we could gain so much knowledge in such short span of time through this hackathon project. Seeingyour product working efficiently and deployed for the whole world to use is a proud moment for any engineer.

What we learned

Our Team has been looking forward to this hackathon for months. These hackathons put us in touch with the engineer in us. It also helps us acquire new skills that we have no experience with. We all started with minimal knowledge of flask API and Azure cognitive services. After numerous challenges, we were able to learn and implement these technologies in our project.

What's next for Hair-Me-Out

Next stop for our project would be to implement a AR side for it that allows people to see what they would look like in the suggested hairstyle. Another interesting addition can be adding a model that learns the user's likes and dislikes and updates its recommendations accordingly

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