Tinder is a relatively new app that has become incredibly popular because it makes the 'finding a date' process faster and easier. However we do not believe it is perfect because individuals using this application are instantly judged by their visual aesthetics. 'Hear Me Out' alleviates this problem and helps out in other areas in a number of ways. An individuals photos are not accessible at first glance. Instead, 'Hear Me Out' leverages rdio,mashery, and gracenote in order to match people based off of musical interests. You do not see a photo on someones profile instantly but instead have the ability to hear a 30 second music clip from that user as well as general textual information. If you like the clip, you can send your own clip to the user and can also begin messaging the other user just like the process through Tinder. 'Hear Me Out' finds you a perfect date and then gives you easy material to get a conversation started with.

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