We're both officers for ACM at school, and a deaf student was interested in joining the club. After the first meeting, she expressed that since she relied on reading lips, it was difficult to understand who was speaking at what time.

What it does

Listens and transcribes what's being said. Allows users to type input and have it read outloud

How I built it

built using Expo and React

Challenges I ran into

Wanted to integrate Google Cloud Service's Machine Learning Speech API, but couldn't figure out how to edit the XCode, nor how to integrate it into Expo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got the text to speech part to work

What I learned

learned to work with Expo, React, XCode, and Google's Machine Learning API

What's next for Hear Me Listen

Work on integrating Google's speech API with Expo to achieve speech to text functionality

Built With

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