I wanted to create an app that could help people who have difficulties in this pandemic to connect to their love ones online to have it more easier by controlling their social media by voice. With this app my goal is to make it more easier for people with visual impairments with a tool that could automate social networks and google searches

What it does

The app uses selenium to control the user browser of the user to login into the user social media and post depending on the voice command. It also can do google searches and read the information of the web page.

How I built it

  1. I created a app and created intents to classify the different social medias that I was going to use for the app.
  2. I started to create a app with python that had a simple GUI that the user could only had to open the app for it to work.
  3. With selenium I created functions depending on the social media to automatize the log in and the posting.

What's next for HearEverything

  • Finish the software development of the app
  • Create more options for the user to enjoy more of each social media
  • Create a way for the user to also use the app to play music
  • Find more ways to build a easier GUI for the user

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