One of our team's members have moved to Poland, a new country that he hadn't been familiar with, he felt unsafe regarding his health concerns. He felt that way because he didn’t know where to seek medical care in English, He didn’t even understand how did the healthcare system worked. All of this uncertainty raised a problem for our idea.

What it does

Our idea is to create an app called “HealU” that helps foreigners find medical care in a different country. This app would come in handy when choosing a doctor, by filters of language, professions, cultures etc. It also would help to acquainted with the country’s healthcare system (for example, pandemic restrictions). It could also show a map of pharmacies and help feel safe.

How we built it

We worked as a team. We had different tasks, a leader, we believe that helped us to get the work done. Everyone was asking questions, brainstorming and thinking out loud, which helped us perfect the idea. We used google slides, different logo makers and of course, the information and feedback given by the presenters.

Challenges we ran into

During these 4 hours of work we went through a lot of hesitation about which idea to work on, but after almost an hour we set up with "HealU".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished really good teamwork and fluid work, new relationships and we learned new things

What we learned

We learned to work as a team. We also learned how to listen to different opinions on brainstormed ideas. We also learned a lot of technology hacks, such as how to make prototypes, animations. We also deepend our English.

What's next for HealU

We plan to grow as a team, find new investors and mentors and grow our project/

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