In Indonesia, the country with a population of around 267 million people, out of which 185 million of population is active internet users. If we look past a decade, the healthcare facilities in Indonesia were dilapidated. In the previous 4-5 years, the healthcare system in Indonesia has developed significantly with multiple policies and programs, specially providing health insurance to more than 80% of the population. It is a big milestone but still there are many steps to go, since more than 75% of rural households cannot understand the healthcare system properly, although insured under JKN. Also, in multiple public assistance programs, Indonesia was unable to cover the masses, as only 92.4 million people were benefited from KIS/PIB2 out of a population of more than 250 million people in 2018. Also, people started to give less and less focus to their daily health in coping up with the speed of the competition offered by the rest of the world in healthcare, which is considered a luxury nowadays. Due to which around 60-70 million people suffer from obesity in Indonesia only. So, creating a means that would aid users to track their eating habits and activities monitoring and provide them with insights on their own data. So that users can introspect their daily progress and can attempt to make minor changes to daily habits, in order to reinforce their health significantly. Moreover, there are very few people who can afford dieticians to consult them for their daily calories intake limit Solely based on their goal bodies, thus we introduced this feature in our solution, that any user can set a goal and based on the timeline we instruct the daily calorie intake with which the user can direct his daily calorie intake.

While working on this project we discovered how our body metrics affect our metabolic activities and henceforth it is important to maintain a healthy body. Designing and developing a website using no code was really a surprise. Elements required to truly form a balanced diet and how even a small amount of certain food can contain so many calories. How following a routine, controlling our activities and eating can lead to a disciplined mind and healthy body. This project improved our personal skills as we continued to explore APIs and new methods to build our solution.

For making our idea lively, we majorly used two technologies, first one being,, which allowed us to smoothly build our solution and setup workflows on our command and another one is none other than Wolfram, We've used Wolfram Alpha in our app to get details of food items that a user is consuming which is being considered as calorie intake, performing different activities which is portrayed as calorie burnt.

In our solution, one of the biggest problem was to get the authentic steps data of the user, as we also wanted to add the steps in our insights, so we dug deeper to perform our research and found the solution to use Google Fit API such that we can access the data from fitness bands as well and can get the health data collected on mobile devices too. So to access Google Fit data, we just need to get an approval from google for our app. Presently, we have provided a manual method for a user to add steps, which obviously is not authentic. Other problems included the integration of with WolframAlpha. Also, to effectively implement the designs of our web app, we had to explore the features of

Lastly, we wanted to give additional features in our solution but the time limit bounded us. Once we get approved for Google Fit API, we wish to add a reward point system on step counts as we will have authentic data and will motivate users to perform some activities which will help them in being more active and fit. We wanted to add some solutions which users can implement at home to basic health problems in our app but we were unable to do so, as this field is a bit cumbersome to handle. We can directly consult some doctors and update this information as the specialists instruct us. In addition, if the user cannot solve their issue from these remedies, we can then guide him the details of a specialist to consult. We will have our app suggest food to consume and achieve their fitness goal based on the user’s history and goal. Currently, our database is only 185 million internet users of Indonesia, but we wish to develop our app in the Offline version too, to let anyone use, track and monitor their activities even if they don’t have access to the internet or have bad connectivity.

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