We were inspired to do this project by realizing just how demanded apps that connect researchers with equipment really are. WESpark being proof of this realization, we decided that we would utilize our experience with Django and HTML/CSS to create a service that can hold information about a facility, which will contain specific equipment.

It wasn't all smooth sailing though, we encountered many challenges while working on this project. For one, we weren't sure how to link different HTML pages together. However, with some time researching, we were able to figure out that we just needed to use the anchor element in HTML and set the hyperlink to the respective HTML pages. Additionally, we also had trouble with displaying the database. We weren't sure how we could use the HTML pages we made to display the data once it's been stored in the database. To solve this, we looked up how to get data for an object in Django, and we were able to figure it out piece by piece.

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