My friend who is a doctor works at a mid-scale hospital in my hometown says every day more than 50 to 80 people get admitted to their hospital due to emergency conditions like heart-stroke, accidents, internal trauma etc...

The people who live in rural areas and who don't have better access to emergency services like ambulance always bring the victims to the hospital without providing/following emergency medical protocols, due to which the survival rate of the victims getting admitted to their hospital is very less or makes it harder for the doctors to provide proper treatment.

For example, one of the common emergency protocol during heart-stroke is to treat the victim immediately with Aspirin 300mg tablet which increases the after treatment survival rate by 90%. A victim had suffered from heart-stroke and their colleagues who were not aware of this protocol were waiting for the ambulance and did not implement the above-mentioned protocol. By the time the ambulance had arrived, it was already too late for the EMT to treat this victim and lost him.

Stats: Survival rates in India during medical emergencies are very less. We want to educate people of India about the significance of Emergency Medical Services and also assist them during medical emergencies.

What it does

HealthyVia connects a victim who is having a medical emergency like heart-stroke, trauma, breathlessness etc... with a virtual emergency medical technician or an emergency medicine doctor along with victim's family responders on a group video call who could help the victim with emergency medical protocols by the time ambulance or EMTs arrive at the victim.

P.S. It will be designed in such a way that people use this platform during waiting time after calling for an ambulance.

HealthyVia app consists of two components:

  1. User app, for the victims and their responders to virtually connects with the EMT services.
  2. Emergency Medical Technician app for the EMTs and emergency doctors to assist victims while they wait for an ambulance.

How I built it

I built this using,

  1. Agora's HIPAA compliant video platform,
  2. Firebase,
  3. Android,
  4. Node.js,
  5. Push technology

Challenges I ran into

Implementing real-time notification in the application was the only challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of,

  1. Production ready platform of the idea which I wanted to build a startup on.
  2. In less than a week, my startup partnered with a local hospital here in Bangalore to test a dry-run for my startup.

What I learned

I learnt,

  1. India is far behind in EMT services due to which *survival rates are low. *
  2. Almost every potential user I talked about this idea *wanted to have these services for their elderly parents and family. *

What's next for HealthyVia, Virtual EMT for Third World Countries.

Within one week, we have already partnered with a local hospital here in Bangalore and planning to extend this product to full-fill this product objective 'Virtual Emergency Medical Service for the rural or developing India.'

Support from Agora Community would be really helpful for us to grow big. :)

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