An all inclusive health mobile app - healthyTrack - can help improve Total Health and prevent the leading causes of obesity, hypertension and diabetes with ease and convenience. According to a research study by Kaiser Permanente, overweight and obese individuals, who recorded their food intake at least 6 days a week lost twice as many pounds as those who did not track their meals. healthyTrack can lead to healthier communities so we can all live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Where and what can I eat within my healthy eating guidelines that is near me now?
What fitness classes around me can I attend before work, lunch or after work today?
Am I on track with my health goals and my doctor's recommendations?
How can I prevent or manage my chronic illness?
How can I stick to my plan for a healthy lifestyle?

These are the questions that our app provides a solution for.

How it works

There are too many available health apps and devices that are not integrated, which discourages us from keeping track of our fitness, nutrition, and health condition during our busy lives. healthyTrack aggregates your EMR, profile, and health goals provided by your wellness team and creates your Personalized Wellness Itinerary. By syncing data from wearable devices, medical devices (e.g. glucometer), fitness apps, and nutritional data from nearby restaurants, healthyTrack monitors your progress throughout your Itinerary and helps you achieve your health goals without disrupting your lifestyle. healthyTrack provides a platform that maintains a connection with your wellness team outside scheduled visits to provide support and accountability to stay on Track.

Challenges I ran into

With a multitude of available healthcare technologies, it was challenging to decide what functionalities to focus on and highlight for this initial demo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We developed great chemistry early on and were able to incorporate all ideas into a focused product. We created a health app that integrates current technology but we also envisioned and included future capabilities.

What I learned

We discovered Food Recognition Technology. We learned that Azure has powerful capabilities.

What's next for healthyTrack

We plan on seeking approval for Kaiser IT Executive Leadership to pilot healthyTrack and continue its development.

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