Before you start reading about the HealthySurprise ,I want you to think about certain questions -:

1) Are you a person who is health conscious and love to be fit and well ? Looking for healthier communities to connect with ?

2) Are you a person feeling stress and trying to cope up the same in different ways ? Are you looking for a place where you can open up with your feelings/emotions?

3) Are you a subject matter expert in field of mental health and want to help out people but reaching to a wider audience is a challenge for you ?

4) Are you yoga enthusiast,meditation lover ,spiritual person or any person who love to do healthy activities and looking for communtities to pursue the activities as a group ?

5) Are you mental therapist, yoga instructor ,dance teacher or spiritual guru etc. who want to help people in different ways and think about society as larger good ?

6) Are you a person facing some mental illness and looking for communities going with same phase and can be your companion to deal with ?

7) Have you lost touch with your old friends and want to connect with them on something healthier along with getting fun out of it ?

8) Are you concerned about your health while the world is going through extraordinary times of pandemic which require health attention and strong immune system to deal with ?

9) Do you love surprises by someone or surprise people to smile together and missing a purpose to do so ?

If yes , and if you think somewhere we all fit in above categories as a human being who want to live a balance healthy life in all dimensions.Our vision is all about above as a holisitic approach just we want to start and step up .

Inspiration -:

There are two ways to support people in COVID-19 pandemic .One is to help people by providing them resources that they need for their well being as a cure and other is to prevent the adverse effect of this pandemic on their mental ,physical health and social well being . We always love to be on preventive side before we need cure for such adverse effects.

Wellness as meaning being healthy in many dimensions of our lives. That includes the emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual parts. These dimensions are interconnected, one dimension building on another.

Need is to inspire people, friends or society towards healthy ,socially connected and motivated society to fight this challenge keeping in mind all aspects of wellness. Healthy society comes with healthy lifestyle habits ,social collaboration and helping each other in achieving wellness as a whole .Let's inspire and connect people to adapt to the healthy lifestyle habits while enjoying the connection and motivation to do so .

With time we will be able to build a community of healthy people contributing to each other's health and well being which can further lead to a platform of healthy people doing healthy activities collaboratively and inspiring others to join the same.

Problem that we solve -:

1) No platform for above community which connects people in healthier ways on concept of wellness . 2) No solution or digital platform that connect people or friends together for healthy lifestyle habits and pursue them further together. 3) If available, mostly are Instructor lead paid classes/courses which comes with financial concerns. 4) Subject matter experts or instructors in social sector want to reach out to wider audience and help but no platform to do so . 5) Many of the times people going through stress,depression ,anxiety don't want to share thoughts on social media among general public but love to connect personally on a channel with similar community . 6) General Scoial media network is cluttered with so much information that we loose the concept of wellness while using them .

Bottleneck thought in social connection

Whenever we think of social connection we feel facebook,twitter,instagram or others are sufficient to serve the purpose but this is not the case .If this case is valid ,linkedIn will never become professional community as social network serving millions . Different Social network adapts and fit best to different communities with different purpose. HealthySurpise is one thought for community of wellness.

Hackathon Theme we are focusing -:

1) How do we connect people in unique ways to prevent loneliness when isolation is their only option?

2) How do we help people engage with each other in safe ways when social distancing is not an option?

Solution -:

What if we have a solution to inspire or connect people for healthy lifestyles on broader concept of wellness only .

HealthySurprise is an idea to do so .It does this by not only connecting people or old friends but make community out of the same to pursue yoga ,meditation ,stress therapies,dance and spirituality etc healthy activities as groups in their lifestyle.

It is the community of wellness.

How to start with -:

People most dear to us are our old childhood friends in school or locality , college mates or colleagues at work ,family cousins , lovers and many others.We are in touch of some and loose contact with many in this life journey. We love to surprise them and get in touch with them back with something special as an event .Many of the times we wait for any such lucky event to happen and cherish the past memories .Let's give this a healthy purpose with HealthySurprise.

With HealthySurprise anyone can share his/her one healthy activity out of yoga ,meditation ,dance and spirituality with one of friend and provide the next friend name as optional to carry the surprise further .Once the person will be ready with his/her surprise ,he/she will send it to next friend . All friends participated in one surprise! can see the activities of each other and comments/likes added .This surprise! will be optional to accompain with one memory of that friend.e.g photo or video .

This way friends or people will have communities based on healthy interest which do different healthy activities together and share/inspire others for healthy life.

Social network of such people can help in achieving wellness as a whole while fostering healthy relationships.People can also connect on various issues of wellness or health and get served by others.

How it will evolve into platform of healthy people collaboratively doing healthy activities-:

1) To start with , We are giving two ways of sending surprises . a) Using the HealthySurprise Site , anyone can send the surprise to one friend or person using the phone number and attaching one healthy surprise to it as youtube video link. b)Using the social network site of HealthySurprise where user can add posts/video of the activity and send the healthy surprise along with tagging the next friend to surprise with. 2) Users can create channels or groups and topics to collaborate on various healthy activities/issues. 3) User can add Comments in activities of each other and calling feature to the person to collaborate on same. 4) Seeing multiple surprises together on a HealthySurprise platform and participated members/friends on one surprise . 5) Adding a conference link to the surprise or video conferencing channels needs to be integrated for events to join in. 6) Multiple people connecting together on platform live to do activities e.g Yoga ,meditation , mental therapies, dance and spirituality. 7) Social platform where any user can send or see the healthy surprise! and do join the healthy community. 8) Subject matter experts or instructors can join and drive people together for wellbeing of society and reach to wider audience. 9) We will add functionality of adding multiple friends in healthysurprise site also.

How HealthySurprise is different -:

1) We want people adapt to healthy lifestyles by doing yoga,meditation,dance and being spiritual in their lifestyle .

2) Specialized people or instructors in each category can also create surprises and make people follow and join live .

3) No financial concerns while using the solution .

4) Differently challenged people can also use this platform to connect with their friends or similar communities for activities that belong to them.

5) People can exchange physcial healthy gifts in future through HealthySurprise without getting out of their homes or in lockdowns.

6) People can also drive channels like quit smoking ..weight control as surprises to send with and join more people in their journey .

How we will do this -:

We have achieved social network of Healthysurprise and HealthySurprise site to send surprises for healthier communities to connect on various healthy activities or topics .

How I built it

HealthySurprise Site is HTML Site with Twilio integrated to send surprises as messages on cell phones.We take inputs of message as form on site .

HealthySurprise Social network has been created with help of tribe software as a service and people can send healthy surprise ,connect ,create groups/topics on various healthy activities to collaborate with.

Hosting of site on netlify .

Challenges I ran into

1) I worked on this individually and achieved a significant amount of idea technically .

2) Used Twilio first time and it helped a lot to achieve messaging platform from site .Though currently it is working only with twilio trial account .Need is to make generic for any number.

3) Contacted yoga instructors ,subject matter experts on mental health and mentors to verify the need of such platform.

4) Contacted friends and some general users who are fitness enthusiast and looking for healthy communities to connect with .Their interest in using such platform is major driving factor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Due to lack of team , single handedly achieved and implemented the idea into prototype is I am proud of .

Support I got from mentors and useful insights in the area of wellness is the motivating factor for such platform .

What I learned

1) Twilio usage and its usefulness for various purposes of chat,messaging etc .

2) Research on video conferencing platforms to connect for live channels for various activities on HealthySurprise. This needs to be completed further .

3) Area of wellness and collaboration with mentors to achieve something quickly in hackathon .

Group it serves with vision of potential user base.

1) General social media users with interest on healthy activities. 2) Wellness communities and people looking for such communities. 3) Wellness practitioners . 4) Subject matter experts and others working in area of wellness . 5) Instructors or youtubers working in field of Health activities as offerings. 6) General public with goal to connect and create network on their hobbies of wellness as various activities . 7) Gifts sending communities as healthysurprises physically . 8) Wellness and health magazines . 9) Seeking Talent in area of wellness . 10) Corporate channels ,university groups and organizations working in area of wellness.

Feedbacks from public health officials, mental health experts, or experts

1) Contacted practitioners in each field of wellness with mails and LinkedIn.Got good response from them and feedbacks to make it more useful .

2) Mentors feedback was very positive to give insights into same .

3) Friends and family working in area of wellness provide responses on how they are connecting currently with people in their field and facing challenges in growth .

4) People suffering from stress and depression are appreciating this platform of wellness.

Necessary resources

Team of 7 people will be a good team to work further on

Product and Business Development -: Puneet (me) Infrastructure & deployment -: One resource done-: Shiv Prateek to work on . Design & Development Team -: Three resources - One resource Shipra for front end is available .Need two more. One developer for live streaming/sessions integration and one graphic designer is required. Product Validation Team -: One resource -: Arranged as Kanika . Marketing and User Engagement -: Need one resource .

Path Forward

Market this current product and get user base on platform .Get user feedbacks and more expectations from community of wellness and practitioners .Focus on below proposal of next steps for product development and marketing strategies along with.

Proposal for next steps

1) Goal is to design and development of a proprietary website and social network ,This team can make product out of the prototype with complete tech stack without using software as a service .This way we can support n number of users with own infra and DB supported of HealthySurpise itself . This will be cost saving model to avoid subscription based fees for software in case of large userbase.

2) Connect with SMEs and wellness practitioners who will spread this social network of wellness among people by channelizing in each field of wellness.e.g to connect or shift to HealthySurprise for mental therapies ,yoga ,spirituality and others to use this platform with user base connected to them .

4) Acquire user fan base .Marketing campaigns using other generic social media platforms with channels focusing on related topics to quickly reach to right audience.Promotions and partnerships with health and wellness magazines.

5) Association with more mentors and social network entrepreneurs to work collaboratively and marketing strategy for wider audience.

6) Get funded to set up a team to work on it dedicatedly and extend features for live channels and others .

Emerge as Outstanding project of this hackathon and serve people ,society to create future healthier communities working in area of wellness .

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