💭 Inspiration

Studies have found that 50-90 percent of hospital bills contain errors. Many patients are confused by the medical terminology used within their bill, or are unsure of what the average price is of their care. The goal of HealthyPrices is to create a financial transparency app and website that can both educate and engage users, to see what people have paid for in various health care operations.

🤔 What it does

Our app comes with a post creator and a community tab. Patients are able to discuss similar situations with other uses and we provide a data set. The analysis is generated using the user’s information provided and the statistics of what other hospitals pay.

🔨 How we built it

We created a demo app through Figma, and developed a website through Wix for the patient to use.

😬 Challenges we ran into

We were unsure of how our app is able to measure an injury properly. However with the implementation of our body tags, and the survey that the user has to take is able to at least provide a rough estimate of the cost.

💪 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • An app that lets a user send in their medical bill, due to hospital bills being required to be machine readable.
  • A way for users to discuss this issue and see what an average price looks like.
  • A website that can take inputs.
  • Guides within the app that educates users. (How to negotiate a bill, teach medical terminology that may appear on bill, etc.)

✏️ What we learned

If a hospital has to refer the patient to a debt collector, they lose more than half, so it is in the user's benefit to negotiate. We believe that by giving the users a rough estimate and a place to discuss their medical bills, they can open doors to price transparency in the medical world.

❓What's next for HealthyPrices

Healthy Prices plans to implement an image processor, manage data bases, create incentives community posting and offer awards, and to promote updated regulation in 2023 which mandates health care providers to give detailed bills.

Built With

  • databases
  • figma
  • velo
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