Do you ever feel burdened by the task of taking care of your pet? With our product, you can ensure your pet will be fed and healthy while at work, on vacation, or even upstairs in your bedroom. Not only will this product feed your pet at regular time intervals, it will also monitor your pet’s health and adjust the portion size accordingly. All the while, our product will keep you updated with important information about your pet. We hope that our product will improve the everyday lives of pet owners.

Technical Description

The HealthyPet uses two Arduinos. The first monitors the photocells on the interior of the food storage tank. It reads in light at three heights to determine if there is food at that current level. It will then process the information and send a text to notify the user of the current food level. The second board controls a servo motor and a photocell underneath the bowl. The servo rotates to open the door and food falls into the bowl. After a certain interval of time (15 mins), the photocell at the bottom of the bowl takes a reading to see if the pet finishes its’ meal. It will send a text notifying the user if their pet finished its meal. Additionally, if the pet did not finish its previous meal, the servo will not rotate again and will not dispense more food until the bowl has been finished.

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