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People participation is of utmost important if we are to thrive together during the COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak. The virus spreads like flu with an even higher contagious rate. This requires everyone's attention and extreme caution. In order to deal with the outbreak, we need the spread of information to be faster than that of the virus.

HealthyMe is an easy way to remove opaqueness and uncertainty in the information gathering, while distributing trust to volunteers to keep the records updated. Closely trace health conditions, ailments and much more using the Distributed Ledger Technology, henceforth DLT, powered by FiO. Keep our close ones safe with accurate and up-to-date data. The world-wide quarantine and social-distancing policies require a shared platform where we can crowd-source the data gathering about the spread of the virus, especially within the vulnerable population like the elderly, the handicapped, the medical professionals and young children. Simplify the process with a Google Form but maintain data integrity using DLT to trace back data origins and approve trustworthiness.

Challenges I ran into

Making an easy to use interface for non-technical people to safely share their information on to the Blockchain without fearing tracking. Once data is on-chain, it is encrypted for safe-keeping and decrypted for allowed parties. We want to make this transparent process clear to new-comers within the space.

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