My response to COVID-19. Covid19 has overwhelmed the hospital care system. Why not allow voice conversation lexicons to ease the burden. Once patient has added the medication its easy for our API to cross-reference data on the side-effects of medication, offering a peace of mind to the user who in other circumstances would have to call or go and visit their local doctor.

What it does

Empowering patients through voice chat to improve and promote wellness by simply sharing a conversation. Our data scientists collaborate with patients and caregivers to help streamline medical knowledge and data.

How I built it

Alexa’s new conversations feature skill allowed me to leverage the latest secure HIPPA medical collaboration API's, machine learning technology, advanced natural language processing, and a proprietary predictive contextual messaging to help better patient health adherence outcomes and lower cost.

Challenges I ran into

The speed of getting a response from external API whist making sense of a wide variety our health data and tailored user knowledge, the attendant however now can be used to ask questions for medication directions or general advice on drugs and side-effects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Identify what customers are doing when and where with our intelligent product. Different knowledgeable data schemes will help quickly build experiences and page adaptation easy and simple whatever your tech.

What I learned

Encourage More Active Health Care Conversations- Powering the overall trend in tailored interventions, Hto understand the patients language and everyday activities delivering relevant information faster and more accurate.

What's next for Healthycare

Cognitive Customer Service Messaging AI algorithms, machine learning technology, advanced natural language processing, and a proprietary clinical contextual bot algorithm.

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