Through the past couple of years I have personally noticed an increase on the days that I have to stay inside or decrease my outdoor exertion due to poor air quality. This is in large part due to climate change causing dryer summers leading to more forest fires. Oregon has especially been effected by this problem and even on my way to Corvallis this year I noticed poor air quality. I wanted a way to quickly check if it was safe to go outside but I knew everybody has different conditions that change what is healthy for them. There are general recommended particulate matter levels that people should stay inside for, however, everybody differs in their personal conditions. Thus, Healthy-Weather was born.

How I built it

I created a website design in adobexd and created the website itself with html, css, and javascript. Using javascript to geolocate, the program gets a longitude and latitude which I then use openweather air quality API to get a JSON from. The pm 2.5 (particulate matter that affects health) is extracted and compared to a user entered number and the program says whether or not it is healthy to go outside.


I'm happy that I was able to create something that could actually help a lot of people.

What I learned

I learned css and html (which took a good amount of time and a lot of google) and also used my first API which was a lot easier than I thought it would be but still took a lot of research.

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