The idea for stress management comes from the social media where we enjoy and share memes, chat with many people and read positive news and blogs. So we got the idea to add all these spaces at one website.

What it does

This website has four sections which are Memes, News, Chat Box and Blogs. In Memes section one will get a random meme template to which they can add their own captions and generate their own meme or they can skip the template and get another random template. In News section, one can read latest news about stress and depression management. In Chat Box section, people can chat globally with random people, new friends and explore more about diverse people. In Blogs section, one can post their blogs about mental health related topics and share their experiences and also read other people's blogs.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and ReactJs for frontend work and Node.js and MongoDB for backend, also we used for client and server side of chat box. Meme generator and News section was build using APIs from where we receive array of information. In Meme generator we display random meme template and for News we sorted the array according to popularity. Node.js and MongoDB was used for the Blogs section to store the information about blogs. We have deployed our frontend and backend on heroku server, from which backend is connected to mongodb cloud atlas database.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some problems while working with APIs which we solved accordingly. We also ran into some problem connecting backend server to frontend and working with while creating chat box.

What we learned

While working on this project we learned many new things and some great details about the knowledge we previously had like we used material-ui in react, fetching data from APIs and using it's information, connecting backend to frontend, using react-hooks in react, making the webpage responsive, connecting to live server, etc.

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