We've aimed at making an application which is android based which uses inputs from different modules such as fitbit, smartwatches etc. regarding body conditions and work done by user and transfer them to this application which calculates the amount of calories burnt by the user in a particular time interval and based on which you can manage you're food consumption using the calorie to food conversion website.

Detailed Description

Based on the amount of work done by the user during a day which will taken up by the sensors on the wearable tech (fitbit, smart watch etc.), this application will take inputs from these modules via Bluetooth. These inputs will then be used to calculate the amount of calories burnt between the time interval when the application was started and stopped. Furthermore, at last it will give you the accurate amount of calories you’ve burnt in the given time interval. After this, the application will redirect to our website containing database of different food available around the world from which the user can select the food items he/she is consuming at the current meal. Based on the calorie input from the android application and wearable sensor, the quantity of different food items to be consumed at the current meal can be decided by the user.

Prototype 1 Details

This is what we made: (Device 1) Device used for giving body inputs: Android mobile (with better sensors) (Device 2) Device used for taking inputs: Android mobile (with not so good sensors) Sensor used in current prototype: Accelerometer Mode of transfer of inputs from Device 2 to Device 1: Bluetooth Website is built seperately in order to convert amount of calories to be consumed into food standards which has to be uploaded to a domain so as to open it in the application. For now, you can view it using WAMPS on your laptops. Beyond this point, it is just a matter of fact of what can you make of it. We can make the device 2 programs with almost every API available i.e. fitbit, smartwatch, yufit etc. which can give the most accurate values about your health conditions. You can make an exercise planning application along with that, food managing application, check whether you're body is fit or not and schedule a meeting automatically with a doctor if the sensors detect something wrong in your body. The uses and scope of this project is huge and it can be used for a majority of purposes.

Future Developments

Currently we are looking at using better algorithms in order to use user's preferences in order to suggest which food item he/she can take more than others based on his/her preference and calculating regarding development in health of the person per day.

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