Project Description

My application is helping every person to live a healthier life by letting them track what they eat, how many calories they consume, how much sport they do every day, how many calories they burn in sports activities, etc. The app is an everyday guide to healthy living and it provides the best results when it is used on a regular basis.

Healthy Living is the first app of this type on the Blockstack platform. Unlike other similar apps, it encrypts all user data and stores it securely using the blockchain technology. This provides users with 100% privacy and gives them full control over their personal data which makes a huge difference.

Healthy Living is perfect for everyday use, so that the user can track how many calories they ate and how much sports they did on a daily basis. The dapp is also designed to be visually appealing, delightful and user friendly, so that it can stimulate everyday regular usage.

Main Benefits

You own your data

This app is 100% private by default. You have full control over your data because everything is stored on the blockchain. There is no evil corporation behind that can use your personal data for profit.

Completely secure

Our app offers the highest level of security as it relies on world-class end-to-end encryption technology. All data communication and files stored on the blockchain are fully encrypted.

Innovative and user-friendly

This app offers innovative and user-friendly user interface that everyone can use. It does not need any installation and it works equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

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