For this project we intended to build a mobile application in which the user could search for hospitals and other health facilities near their area and see how many people infected with CODVID-19 are in each one


With the Coronavirus outbreak it is easy to forget that people need to go to the doctor for non-virus related issues, like when emergencies happen or when people have illnesses that need to be regularly checked. While in there, they could be in contact with  the virus. 
Knowing that, and keeping in mind that every single person that is once in contact with the virus can be a vector and spread it in entire communities, aside from the possibility of the person becoming sick themselves and have their life endangered, our project seeks to mitigate this problem by creating an app that informates the user how many people are infected in the health facilities near their location, so they could avoid the ones where they would have a higher chance of being infected.
This idea would also help the facilities, as it would prevent those allocating most resources for the infected people from becoming overcrowded. 
This type of information could be gathered in two different ways: by partnering with government and private health companies such that they would give the information periodically or by having a subscription option where every facility could enter their own data. 
This app, ideally, would also dynamically show other relevant information, like how many people are infected in any given city or neighborhood, points of vaccination in the area, among others. Building a website version of the app is also considered for later states of development. 
We believe that applying app development techniques, that had become such a trivial thing in our lives, to this problem is a simple, yet effective, way to slow down the infection rate. The inherent simplicity of the project also means that it would be replicable in any city, state or county as long as facilities and governments help              keeping the site up to date.

Tools and Techniques

For the app simulation, tools like the AppMachine​[1] website were used. This website provides an easy way to build an app without coding, using only pre-existing code blocks. 
For future versions off the app, however, we intend to use other, more complex, development tools like android studio, powered by Java, the google maps API, among others.


With the resources and ideas described before, we were able to simulate a  prototype of the app. The hospital searching and  tracking of infecteds is shown as indexed.


The simulation shown is a good showcase of what the mobile application will be capable off once finished. As said before, we believe that its functionalities are a great help to people and health facilities overall, as well as being simple enough to replicate to any places needed. 
Many other aspects could be added to make the final product more complete but, for the purpose of HackTech CODVID, we believe that this product is sufficient and expresses the group’s ideas well.

## Bibliography [1] ​ AppMachine website ​- https://appmachine.com

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