A solution to help Congestive Heart failure patients and improve care for them specifically in rural areas.

Across the globe, mobile phone technologies are proving to be a key tool for those working for social change.

Further studies are beginning to demonstrate the positive impact that mobile phones can have on economic development and social capital. Within the health sector, studies are beginning to indicate that mobile phone technologies are enabling greater efficiency and access to services. Mobile phones are continuing to spread across the continent in unanticipated ways.

Most people undergoing conventional hemodialysis (three treatments of 3–4 hours/week) need to limit their fluid intake. In the initial stage, the residual kidney function possibly is high enough, so the fluid allowance is liberal. However, over time as the urine output decreases, it will become necessary to restrict fluid intake.

Heart failure (HF) patients living in rural areas have a lack of HF knowledge and poor self-care because of limited medical care access. Hearty Heart is a mobile web app that help to improve self-care which is indispensable for such patients.

Actuallly, Healthy Heart is just a prototype. A final version of the app will be soon available.

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