People are more than data and that is what, above all, patients should know, they are stories, family, activities, moments and much more than a file. Platforms should be friendly, personable, and let them know that they are important. And in turn there is data that we hear but we do not know what it is, there are hundreds of pages, but they do not give user experience to which one wants to enter. We all want a healthy life, but not all of us really know what that is, or we believe we do not have the tools and resources to do so.

What it does

We are a friendly experience for the eyes and for you. A platform with tools for the care and monitoring of your health. That unites patients with doctors through tools in a bridge based not only on data, but also on the trust that knowing what it is for creates. PERSONAL CARE -  start taking care of yourself and follow the steps towards a healthier life, challenge yourself and others, for a better life for everyone DOCTORS' HELP - make your patients feel heard. we are more than a website, we are a tool that brings you closer to your patients PROVIDE BEYOND DATA - we know that each person is more than just data, but data can also give us clues to improve our lives and the services they provide us.

How we built it

Predicted result of datasets(CSV format) using Microsoft azure. This application will help doctors and patients to know more about patient health on daily basis. Application also predicts the fluctuation in heart rate or blood pressure (if any) with help of Microsoft machine learning model. Graph shows the variation in heart and sugar rate (do to imbalance calories) and the predicted result, if patient will continue same diet plan. Chatbot with json, js, php. Let's make doing those tedious surveys more interactive and easy. Remember that your data can save the life of you and others. A really cute desing with html and css for Responsive web app for cell phones and computers.

Challenges we ran into

#3 Zurich Insurance Calling all wellbeing fanatics!

10 Roche Diagnostics

Help cancer patients be heard!

Lack of time. Incompatibility of some technologies. Not having access to premium accounts for faster data management. Lack of internet at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our data analysis program with ML. Our design. Our page concept. Our user experience in every sentence. Our teamwork

What we learned

Technology provides better tools to make health more accessible for all. Platforms, applications and technology in general should be made for users, thinking about them and listening to their stories, because we are more than data, we are many in the world, but each and every story is valuable.

What's next for Healthy Hacks Experience

Connect with patients and provide them with a better experience. Improve our ML code on hosting and speed issues. Convert our food advice site to an extensive database with different search areas. Interactive activities to learn more about health.

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