This app is aimed to target childhood obesity and promote healthy behaviors and self-improvement. Our app is very user-friendly, which makes it easy for kids to use, or for a family to set up accounts for each member. All of the developers on this project live in communities where poverty is extremely high. We thought that creating an incentive-based app that tracks healthy habits, could help to make a difference. Overall, we wanted to create an application that rewards people for implementing healthy habits - whether that be related to physical, nutritional, or mental activities - so that kids can develop crucial skills needed for a healthy lifestyle.

What it does

Our application allows a user to create an account so they can begin to track their healthy habits. A user can select what kind of activity they would like to track - Physical, Mental, or Nutrition - and they can submit certain activities they have completed. We utilize a firebase database to store the data, where a user's total points are continuously updated as they add more activities. Once a user reaches a certain number of points, they can navigate to a rewards page, where they can see what rewards they are eligible for, depending on the number of points they have.

How we built it

We utilized Flutter to develop our app and build the user interface, so that it is functional across multiple platforms. Also, we made use of firebase for data storage, updating data, and handling user account authentication.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a couple of challenges with processing the routes with our application, specifically with launching the admin panel. We were able to solve these problems by manipulating our custom Data Listeners. We also struggled with implementing machine learning for scanning receipts into our app. Handling this in the cloud and training our data model were things we weren't able to finish and struggled with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making an application that is easy to use and looks clean and simple. We are also proud of the work we accomplished with our authentication processes that we used to register users, as well as the admin feature that we implemented, that allows an administrator to control rewards and more activities that users can track and earn points for.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Data Listeners, since we created custom Listeners to process incoming data and handle user actions as they are interacting with our application. We also learned a lot about machine learning,training data models, and implementing machine learning in apps.

What's next for Healthy Habits

We will finish implementing an additional feature in the Nutrition section of our application. For this feature, we want users to be able to earn points based on what they buy grocery shopping. We are using a Google Vision API to allow users to scan a photo of a receipt and earn points for purchasing healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. We attempted to add this feature to our project, but due to several errors that arose due to asynchronous data and training our data model, we were unable to complete this particular part. We weren't able to finish the AI during the duration of the hackathon, but we are aiming to add this feature to our application next.

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