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Infectious diseases can pose a worldwide crisis if not contained in the early stages. For example, the Ebola crisis that erupted between 2014-2016 in Guinea and Sierra Leone caused over 11,000 deaths and started with a single bat bite of an 18-month-old child in Guinea. Refugee camps also face difficulties in containing and limiting the outbreaks of infectious diseases due to close living quarters. There have been several recent outbreaks at refugee camps, including a diphtheria outbreak among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and a cholera outbreak among Somali refugees residing in camps in Kenya. One triaging system is the South African Triage Scale (SATS), which is used primarily across South Africa. Health workers typically have to calculate the score from a sheet of paper or by memory, which can lead to potential mathematical errors.


We created an app, Healthy Camp, to limit and reduce the spread of infectious disease outbreaks among the refugee camp population. Healthy Camp will reduce the spread of infectious diseases by streamlining the triage process according to the the refugees' initial health screening. This will enhance refugee camps' infrastructure by appropriately identifying and treating the refugees with a high risk of spreading infectious diseases. The mobile application is a streamlined, user-friendly approach that is customizable according to the refugee camp location and needs. In addition, data will be collected for health surveillance. The online web portion of Healthy Camp allows for efficient data analytics, data collection, and data visualization.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the problems we faced involved the time constraints of a 24-hour hackathon in producing a viable prototype product and finding enough information about refugee camp triaging.

What's Next for Healthy Camp?

1) Google translator API 2) Backend implementation of the app 3) Facial recognition API 4) Trial run


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